Push hard to the tipping point

Critical mass In Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell observed how ideas, products, & messages can suddenly and apparently without warning reach a critical mass, and begin to spread rapidly like a virus. In the right environment, he argued, small actions can have a dramatic impact. When a ritual takes hold it can… full article

Why forecasting fails (but we still need it)

Endless complexity Although never particularly good at it, I was transfixed by playing chess at junior school, a strategic game of potentially infinite complexity and intrigue. Although the starting position is always the same and there are only 20 possible positions after the first white piece is moved (16 pawn… full article

A new mantra for 2018

Resolution for a new year The year is the best part of a week old and I haven't written one of those "2017 in review" pieces, or for that matter a "what to expect in 2018", at least partly because I wanted to see what everyone else is saying. One… full article

Stay strong & win with the 40% rule

The 40% rule A chap named Jesse Itzler wrote about this intriguing concept in his book Living with a SEAL. You can debate the science behind the rule - which essentially holds that when you think you are mentally and physically cooked, you are probably only about 40 per cent done… full article