Wealth Ways for the Young

Money! We all know it’s important. We all know that having more of it can solve many of life’s challenges, though not all of them.

And we’ve all read that what you learn about money from a young age, both consciously and unconsciously, has an important bearing on how you make financial and life decisions as you transition into adulthood and beyond. Most of us would like our kids to have a better understanding of money and be more financially savvy than we were as we became young adults.

But what key lessons, attitudes, and skills are we supposed to teach them? And at what stage along the journey?

Wealth Ways for the Young is a concise yet information-packed book about what we should aim to teach our children about money and how it works.

From young children to teenagers, the book covers pocket money, first jobs, education and careers, how to harness the magic of compound interest, how to become a money maestro, housing, studying and much more.